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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Hades Store Page. Global Achievements. Andre View Profile View Posts. I cannot give ambrosia to Megaera, Thanatos, and Sisyphus.

I have already maxed the hearts with them and cannot give any more nectar. Skelly asked me to do something for him and I did, so I was able to gift the Ambrosia and get the companion from him. I have about 14 units of ambrosia. Does anyone know what I have to do? Showing 1 - 1 of 1 comments. Skinker View Profile View Posts. Just keep playing and talking to them.

Eventually their quest will start. Once you do that then you can stat giving them ambrosia. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 25 Dec, am. Posts: 1.

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Global Achievements. Anver View Profile View Posts. I already spent 35 hours, made 50 escape attemps, complited 10 runs Still don't know what to do with this stuff. The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question.

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Hades – Ambrosia Achievements – Tip

Originally posted by Kill'em ALL :. Showing 1 - 4 of 4 comments. You can give it to various characters in order to unlock their rewards and dialogues. You must meet a character at least once before you can give it to them, then an option of a gift should appear as you approach them. You must give it to them before talking with them regular characters or accepting their boon the gods. The author of this thread has indicated that this post answers the original topic.

Oh, my bad. Ok then. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 17 Dec, am. Posts: 4. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved.Dusa is a shade in the form of a floating, disembodied Gorgon 's head.

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She works as a maid in the House of Hadesconstantly floating around and cleaning. After being given 6 bottles of Nectar, further gifts will be locked until her favor is completed.

Completing the favor and gifting her a bottle of Ambrosia will have her give you Companion Fidi in return. Dusa's favor involves the lounge renovations, which she has fallen behind on doing.

Zagreus must help her bring the lounge up to Nyx's standards by using the House Contractor to complete a minimum of 12 Lounge-focused renovations, which must include at least one rug for the area as well as cleaning up Cerberus's fur and the scratches he left in the floor.

Doing so will complete the A Place of Revelry prophecy and unlock the ability to give Ambrosia to Dusa. Dusa's romance differs from the other options in that each successive gift of Ambrosia requires an increased number of bottles; while her first only requires 1, subsequent gifts require 2, then 3, until her final gift is given as 5 bottles.

After giving Dusa the tenth gift, she and Zagreus will have a conversation where Dusa explains that she has come to realise she isn't looking for an intimate relationship, and isn't attracted to him in that way. They agree to remain "friends for all eternity" instead, though as Zagreus points out, that in itself can be its own form of love. Some time after the final romance conversation, Dusa will offer to return all the Ambrosia she has been given; Zagreus may take them back or persuade her to keep them as the gift they were intended as, with no negative repercussions for either choice.

For additional information on Medusa that does not pertain to Hadessee Wikipedia's article: Medusa. Sign In. From Hades Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Category : Characters. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History.

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Hades - Comprehensive Beginners Guide

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Zagreus Risking It All With Thanatos In Here! - Hades The Welcome To Hell Update #65 - Steam Release

Tags: greek gods, mythology, repeat pattern greek, olympians, olympus, ancient greece, classics, history, percy jackson, pjo, heroes of olympus, camp half blood, zeus, athena, poseidon, hades, apollo, 12 olympians. By katenatural. Tags: greek mythology, greek gods, hades, stained glass, overly sarcastic productions. Stained Glass: Hades Throw Blanket. Tags: hades, greek mythology, overly sarcastic productions.Home Games News Cosplay. Hades - Comprehensive Beginners Guide.

This will be a guide purely based on what I've experienced so far. I will start it off as a Beginners Guide. Attack - Left-mouse button. Cast - Right-mouse button. Bloodstone - The crystal that is used for Cast. Call - F, not possible to use unless you've obtained a "Call" Boon. Interact - E. Movement - WASD. Reload - R. Gift - G, see Nectar.

hades ambrosia gift

Boons - B, here you can click on your current Boons to see their description. Artifacts - currency that can be collected or traded, three boons that are only active during Escapes included.

Keepsake - An equippable and upgradable artifact that provides you with some benefits. Infernal Arms - Weapons.

Darkness - Can be exchanged at the MoN. Charon's Obol - Can be exchanged during Escapes with Charon, disappears after you die. Titan Blood - Can be used to permanently upgrade Infernal Arms. Gemstones - Can be exchanged at the HC. Diamond - Can be exchanged at the HC. MoN - passive skills that can be obtained and upgraded at the Mirror of Nights in your Chamber.

Codex - Hold C, here you can find Lore-related information and how to obtain them on i. Tartarus - The area where you first start, before the first boss. Asphodel - The area after the first boss Megaera or her sisters. Elysium - The area after the second boss Lernaean Bone Hydra. Infernal Arms A few things I would like to explain before we start. Some attacks can't Backstab, but I'll have you find out which ones for yourselves.

Takes approx. A Keepsake can be equipped for benefits, upgrade them by meeting objectives. Here you can spend Gems to obtain House Renovations.

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Name: The Lounging Area. Cost: 20 Gems.

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Name: Elysium Fountain Chamber. Cost: 40 Gems.Find out if you have what it takes to defend Earth against hordes of insectoid aliens and monsters in Earth Defense Force 5! Three lawsuits have been filed against Epic Games in response to some of the dance emotes used in Fortnite. Each symbol means something different, and can give you a hint as to what to expect from the next area. In Hades, each door symbol means something different and can help indicate what to expect from the next area.

If you see a door symbol with Darkness or Obol on it, you can expect to earn that item as a reward once you clear the area of enemies. Alternatively, there are door symbols with different Boons on them, and doors that lead to special shop areas like those run by Charon and Sisyphus. When you encounter door symbols featuring Obol, Darkness, or Skeleton Keys, it means that Zagreus can earn those items as a reward for clearing the next area of enemies. Using Darkness, you can upgrade your attributes.

Using Obol, you can purchase items that will help you during your escape attempt in the Underworld.

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With Skeleton Keys, you can unlock new weaponsor unlock better attributes for Zagreus using the Mirror of Reflection. If you need more Darkness, pick the door with the Darkness symbol. Alternatively, if you need more Skeleton Keys, pick the door with the Skeleton Key symbol. As you explore the Underworld, you'll eventually have the chance to purchase items from Charon's Shop using the Obol you've collected.

When it comes to door symbols, Charon's Shop is represented by a Skeleton Bag. Alternatively, there are straightforward items like the Centaur Heart that will increase the Max Life of Zagreus. Unlike Charon's Shop, you can pay a visit to Sisyphus and earn a free reward by interacting with his door symbol.

The door symbol preceding the area with Sisyphus is represented by an exclamation mark surrounded by three colored gems. Upon visiting Sisyphus, you can choose to receive one free gift in the form of Darkness, Obol, or Health. Note that you can only choose one of the three, so choose wisely! Other items are somewhat less straightforward, like Boons from Gods, as the blessings they offer are randomized. For select Boons, you can receive stronger blessings by passing through a door with the Boon symbol on it along with a skull.

By selecting a Special Boon, you'll be required to fight with tougher enemies in order to receive your reward.

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The challenge that accompanies a Special Boon is worth it in that you're more likely to receive a Boon with Rare and Epic effects. The better the blessing, the easier it'll be for you to clear areas of enemies in Hades.

hades ambrosia gift

Additionally, you'll want to interact with different Boons in order to give gifts to their corresponding Gods.This site works best with JavaScript enabled.

Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Hades has received the Murder Death Kill update, which is the third major update to the game--and easily wins the award for the best update name. This update adds a new power, character, enemies, bosses, and tons of balance changes to existing content in the game.

Thanatos, the aspect of death, has been added as a new character to interact with! Unlocking Thanatos will require you to come across his random encounter while progressing through the game. This encounter will have you fighting along side him and competing to see who can gain the most kills. Thanatos will also provide you with the Pierced Butterfly keepsake if you give him an ambrosia gift!

Hades has a rather extensive list of unique abilities and attacks for you to choose from in the game between five weapons and countless boons from gods; however, Supergiant obviously didn't think it was enough.

In this update, they added the new Wrath of Olympus ability. This Wrath ability is randomly granted by one of the gods and will add a new power bar on yours screen that you can fill up by attacking enemies or by getting hit.

There are 7 Wrath Boons available at this time, and each one will require a different percentage of your Wrath bar to be filled before you can use them. These Wrath abilities are extremely powerful, but the Wrath you generate will reset when you enter a new encounter.

hades ambrosia gift

Two new foes have been added in this update and are different takes on the Bloodless enemy type. First, you have the Bloodless Wave-Maker, which unsurprisingly will try to stay at ranged and throw large purple energy waves at you. The Bloodless Burn-Flinger is the second new foe that, as you could have guessed, flings burning stuff While the names aren't original, they are certainly descriptive and provide a nice variety on the existing enemy types in the game.

From my time testing in the new update I can confirm that they will swap out with the normal Megaera fight. Both Alecto and Tisiphone have their own set of abilities and provide two new unique encounters to the game for existing players who have become used to the boss fight with Meg!

Overall, the Murder Death Kill update adds plenty of new content for both existing and new players alike. With that said, Supergiant has revealed that their next content update will include a new zone following the Hydra; however, it will not be out for roughly 60 more days. This breaks their current 30 day patch cycle, but allows for the team to focus on making a much larger patch than we have seen before.

For more information on Hades, be sure to visit our Wiki here! Chris is a content creator on YouTube who covers all things gaming and nerdy! He plays a large variety of games, including competitive shooters and strategy games, but specializes in Role-Playing Games. Chris has been creating gaming content for over ten years and is an indie game developer in his spare time. Fandom Help Register Sign In. Thanatos Thanatos, the aspect of death, has been added as a new character to interact with!

hades ambrosia gift

Wrath of Olympus Hades has a rather extensive list of unique abilities and attacks for you to choose from in the game between five weapons and countless boons from gods; however, Supergiant obviously didn't think it was enough. New Foes Two new foes have been added in this update and are different takes on the Bloodless enemy type.

March in Appalachia: Upcoming Content in Fallout Chase Blissful Efficiency in Factory Town. Ohh reallyy??

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